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Rudolf Hess

Facts about Rudolf Hess

Summary: Rudolf Hess began his military career during World War I. By the time World War II broke out he was an experience soldier and leader.

He would become Adolf Hitler’s Deputy Führer of the Third Reich in the year 1933 and became the second most important man in Nazi Germany, as well as a high standing political figure.

During late 1940 he felt it would be beneficial to Germany to bring Britain to the table for peace talks. With that in mind he made plans to travel to Britain himself. He made this trip in 1942 but the plan failed when he was captured, interrogated and held as a prisoner until wars end. He was transferred to a German prison after the war, where he eventually committed suicide.

Rudolf Hess Fact Sheet: Who was Rudolf Hess? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Rudolf Hess.

Rudolf Hess Fact File: Lifespan: 1894 - 1987 *** Full Name: Rudolf Walter Richard Hess *** Occupation: Politician in Nazi Germany *** Date of Birth: He was born on April 26th 1894 *** Place of Birth: He was born in Alexandria, Khedivate of Egypt, Ottoman Empire *** Family background: His father was Fritz Hess and his mother Clara Munch, he was the eldest of three with a brother and sister *** Early life and childhood: He grew up in Alexandria but with frequent visits to Germany *** Education: He began his education at a German language Protestant school in Alexandria later he attended a German boarding school in Bad Godesberg and after that attended a school in Switzerland, Ecole Superieure de Commerce. ***

Rudolf Hess Fact 1: He was born at the end of the 19th century and would see many changes in his life, changes in industry, science and world leaders.

Rudolf Hess Fact 2: When he had completed his education it had been his father’s wish that he join the family business.

Rudolf Hess Fact 3: As soon as war broke out he enlisted with 7th Bavarian Field Artillery Regiment as an infantryman.

Rudolf Hess Fact 4: Over the next few years he received several promotions and various war wounds, several pieces of shrapnel and a bullet would.

Rudolf Hess Fact 5: In the latter part of 1917, while still recovering, he put in a request for pilot training, his request was granted but by the time he was qualified and assigned to a post the war was over, he saw no active duty.

Rudolf Hess Fact 6: During the intervening years he continued to fly, he obtained his private pilot license and bought several planes including a BFW M.23b monoplane and later two Messerschmitt’s.

Rudolf Hess Fact 7: During this time he also became aware of Hitler and his respect and admiration for him was complete.

Rudolf Hess Fact 8: He joined the NSDAP in July 1920 and in 1922 he became a member of the SA and assisted with recruiting. He became Hitler’s Deputy. When Hitler became Reich Chancellor he immediately named him his Deputy Führer of the NSDAP.

Rudolf Hess Fact 9: He would also be appointed to the Cabinet.

Rudolf Hess Fact 10: He would become responsible for various departments including foreign affairs, finance, health, education and law.

Rudolf Hess Fact 11: With his background in flying he requested to be allowed to return to the military to fight for his country, but Hitler strictly forbade him from this course.

Rudolf Hess Fact 12: He also began to become sidelined by Martin Bormann more and more, so much so that Hitler made Bormann his personal secretary, a post formerly held by him.

Rudolf Hess Fact 13: He began to put together a plan to travel to the UK to attempt peace talks. In 1942 he set out and would finally land in Scotland where he was captured and incarcerated.

Rudolf Hess Fact 14: He requested an audience with the Duke of Hamilton which took place.

Rudolf Hess Fact 15: His mission nevertheless did not succeed and he was held as a prisoner of war in Britain.

Rudolf Hess Fact 16: Through his imprisonment he attempted suicide on two occasions and was diagnosed as a hypochondriac, he would also make strong claims that he was being poisoned.

Rudolf Hess Fact 17: At the wars end he was transported to Germany to stand trial at Nuremburg.

Rudolf Hess Fact 18: He was found guilty of crimes against peace and conspiracy, with other German leaders, to commit crimes for which he was given a life sentence.

Rudolf Hess Fact 19: In Spandau Prison at the age of 93 on August 17th 1987 he was found hanged.

Influence & Legacy: His sole motivation was his loyalty to his Führer, not in making himself powerful or in seeking stature. Having been sidelined by his Führer, he felt his duty as a Deputy Führer was to try and safeguard his country and looking forward to war on two fronts, he developed a scheme to extend the hand of peace to Britain in the hopes of ending any further conflict.

Important Events of the 20th century and during the life of Rudolf Hess include: The Wright brothers undertook the first flight, the Titanic sank on her maiden voyage and man walked on the moon.

Medals Awarded to Rudolf Hess:
*** Iron Cross 2nd Class ***

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