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Samuel Pepys

Facts about Samuel Pepys

Biography Summary:
Samuel Pepys (1633 - 1703) was famous for documenting his life in a diary.

A largely unremarkable person Samuel Pepysís name is often known but not always what for. For no other reason than for his own pleasure, he began to keep a journal and did so for a ten year period.

It is surmised he had not anticipated anyone else readying it although having said that there are aspects of his work that was kept as notes and bound into book form. The first publication of his work was only made in the 19th century.

His life was extraordinary in itself as he rose through the ranks of hard work as well as patronage to such positions as Chief Secretary to the Admiralty under King Charles II and King James II. He would also be responsible for the introduction of professionalism within the Royal Navy.

Samuel Pepys Fact Sheet: Who was Samuel Pepys? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Samuel Pepys

Samuel Pepys Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1633 Ė 1703 *** Full Name: Samuel Pepys *** Occupation: English Naval Administrator and Member of Parliament *** Date of Birth: Samuel Pepys was born on February 23rd 1633 *** Place of Birth: Samuel Pepys was born in Fleet Street in London, England *** Family background: His father was John Pepys who was a tailor and Margaret Kite who was the daughter of a Whitechapel butcher *** Early life and childhood: He grew up with ten siblings although the infant mortality rate of the era was terribly high *** Education: Samuel Pepys attended Huntingdon Grammar School before going to St Paulís School in London ***

Samuel Pepys Fact 1: Samuel Pepys was born on February 23rd 1633 and during the 17th century period in history when during this period there were mass changes that took place in philosophy as well as science. It was also a time when medieval alchemy would become the chemistry of the future and there were many innovations.

Samuel Pepys Fact 2: In 1650 he attended Cambridge University and after that attended Magdalene college as a sizar in which he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

Samuel Pepys Fact 3: In 1655 he married Elisabeth de St Michel of French Huguenot immigrant descendancy.

Samuel Pepys Fact 4: Having suffered from bladder stones the same as his mother and brother, at a time when surgical procedures were in there infancy he took the very brave decision to undergo surgery and the stone was successfully removed from his urinary tract.

Samuel Pepys Fact 5: It was January 1st 1660 that he began to keep a journal recorded his daily activities for almost the next ten years.

Samuel Pepys Fact 6: His consisted of some one million words and was a very frank account of his life.

Samuel Pepys Fact 7: The way the diary was written seemed to indicate that Pepys had never intended for anyone other himself to read it.

Samuel Pepys Fact 8: He recorded every tiny detail of his life from the moment he woke up until he retired for the night.

Samuel Pepys Fact 9: He expressed feelings and opinions on every conceivable topic from friends and acquaintances to political figures and entertainers of the period.

Samuel Pepys Fact 10: He describes in detail the events of horrific events that took place for example the Great Fire of London and the Great Plague.

Samuel Pepys Fact 11: He gave an insight into the very soul of the human condition describing not only the favorable aspects of human nature but also their tendency to the ugly side of nature too.

Samuel Pepys Fact 12: In his position as Naval Administrator, having next to no nautical experience he educated himself with the use of a model ships to acquaint himself with the knowledge he lacked.

Samuel Pepys Fact 13: He also took lessons from private tutors in arithmetic again to acquire the knowledge and knowhow.

Samuel Pepys Fact 14: His position also required him to make contracts and meet a large number of people.

Samuel Pepys Fact 15: Nothing was off limits in his journal, his private life was contained within the pages as well as for good or ill.

Samuel Pepys Fact 16: During the years of keeping the journal his suffered poor health, largely because of the hours he kept working and he strongly believed that had a detrimental effect on his eyesight.

Samuel Pepys Fact 17: During 1672 he was asked to become an Elder Brother of Trinity House. The following year he was asked to take part in establishing the Royal Mathematical School at Christís Hospital which was set up to teach boys navigational skills.

Samuel Pepys Fact 18: By 1679 he became elected as Member of Parliament for Harwich.

Samuel Pepys Fact 19: During 1689 and 1690 he spent some time in prison having be suspected of Jacobitism but he was never actually charged with anything.

Samuel Pepys Fact 20: On May 26th 1703 Samuel Pepys died aged seventy years in Clapham, which at the time was situation in the country. His body was laid to rest in the nave of St Olave Hart Street which is a Church of England Church.

Influence and Legacy: Although it could be said Samuel Pepys left the world just a book but that would be too simplistic. What he left the world was a small piece of incredible history.

Short Facts about Simon Newcomb for Kids:
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