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Sebastian Cabot

Facts about Sebastian Cabot

Sebastian Cabot Biography Summary:
Sebastian Cabot (1474 - 1557) was famous for being an explorer in the search for the Northwest Passage.

There is a large element of confusion between the explorations between the father, John Cabot and the son, Sebastian Cabot.

Some of the events attributed to Sebastian were actually carried out by his father, perhaps with Sebastian present as a young boy. However he did make his own significant discoveries while seeking the elusive Northwest Passage.

Sebastian Cabot Fact Sheet: Who was Sebastian Cabot? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Sebastian Cabot.

Sebastian Cabot Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1474 - 1557 *** Full Name: Sebastian Cabot *** Occupation: English/Italian Explorer *** Date of Birth: Sebastian Cabot was born in 1474 *** Place of Birth: Sebastian Cabot was born either in England or Venice *** Family background: His father was John Cabot and his mother was Mattea *** Early life and childhood: He grew up with two brothers Ludovico and Sancto *** Education: Sebastian Cabot may have received some form of education to enable him to be able to navigate ***

Sebastian Cabot Fact 1: Sebastian Cabot was born in 1474 and during the 15th century period in history when described as the late middle ages to early Renaissance and early modern period.

Sebastian Cabot Fact 2: Facts of where he was born and his early life a little confusing. He is thought to have told Richard Eden and Englishman that he was born in Bristol in 1474 to a father of Venetian nationality but there is no actual proof.

Sebastian Cabot Fact 3: By 1512 he was a navigator for Henry VIII and would accompany the English army that was sent to assist King Ferdinand II of Aragon against the French.

Sebastian Cabot Fact 4: As a result of his knowledge of the North American northeast coast he was commissioned to captain the Spanish navy but as a result of Ferdinand dying this voyage would be cancelled.

Sebastian Cabot Fact 5: In 1518 he was retained by Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor and given membership to the Spanish Council to the New Indies and elected as a pilot major and official examiner of pilots.

Sebastian Cabot Fact 6: During 1508 and 1509 he would lead one of the earliest expeditions to locate the North-West passage though North America.

Sebastian Cabot Fact 7: It is said he reported an open passageway, having encountered fields of icebergs, but as a result of a nervous crew he was pressured to return.

Sebastian Cabot Fact 8: There is also a strong suggestion having travelled quite extensively with his father John, that he, Sebastian, may have travelled further north than his father had.

Sebastian Cabot Fact 9: Modern historians, judging from the documentation they have examined believed Sebastian found the entrance to Hudson Bay in the Artic area, following that he travelled South down the Atlantic coast and almost to Florida and into Spanish territory.

Sebastian Cabot Fact 10: Under payment of Henry VIII he sailed with Sir Thomas Spert, Henry VIII vice Admiral, in two ships while the explored the coasts of the West Indies and Brazil.

Sebastian Cabot Fact 11: It is believe that they extended their voyage by so much that supplies ran short and forced to port they came under attack by Spanish artillery in Hispaniola whereby because of Spert’s nervousness they withdrew and headed for England.

Sebastian Cabot Fact 12: He married Joanna and before 1512 they had children. He moved his family to England but his wife died by 1514. He married again in 1525 while he was living in Spain, his second wife was Catalina de Madrano.

Sebastian Cabot Fact 13: Later that year he moved his family to Spain believing that Ferdinand was offering better support financially to his explorers.

Sebastian Cabot Fact 14: Before long Ferdinand was dead also and Cabot again moved his family back the England.

Sebastian Cabot Fact 15: Having begun work for the Spanish once more and was commissioned and given the rank of Captain General and on March 4th 1525 he was put in command of a fleet and responsible for transporting settlers to the Molucca Island in the Pacific in order to the strengthen Spanish ties to the spice islands.

Sebastian Cabot Fact 16: Having circumnavigated the globe by this time, he found the world was far larger than he originally thought.

Sebastian Cabot Fact 17: The Spanish and Portuguese were having to redefine their boundaries as a result of the new data.

Sebastian Cabot Fact 18: In 1547 he made the final return to England where he remained.

Sebastian Cabot Fact 19: In 1553 he was discussing a new voyage, this time to China. He would become an advisor for “English ventures for discovery of the Northwest Passage. He became governor of the Muscovy Company in 1553 and helped it prepare for an expedition led by Sir Hugh Willoughby and Richard Chancellor. He was made life-governor of the “Company of Merchant Adventures”, and would equip the expedition undertaken by Steven Borough in 1557.

Sebastian Cabot Fact 20: In February of 1557 he was to be replaced as governor of the Muscovy Company. A record of his collecting his quarterly pension was kept for several months but by December 1557 no money was collected. It is thought that he had probably died.

Influence & Legacy of Sebastian Cabot:
Certain aspects of Sebastian’s explorations have been wrongly attributed to him instead of his father. However he did in fact lead some extraordinary expeditions himself and for that the credit is all his.

Short Facts about Sebastian Cabot for Kids
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