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Sir Humphrey Gilbert

Facts about Sir Humphrey Gilbert

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Summary:
Sir Humphrey Gilbert was from a time of great exploration, where the globe was still largely a mystery and men like him and his half-brothers were excited to explore.

They loved their Queen and country and would stop at nothing to better their standing with either.

Although he had the heart he did not however, always have the knowledge to see a venture through, and as creative and brilliant as he was is lacking in leadership skills or taking advice would ultimately lead to his downfall.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Fact Sheet: Who was Sir Humphrey Gilbert? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Sir Humphrey Gilbert.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Fact File: Lifespan: 1539 - 1583 *** Full Name: Sir Humphrey Gilbert *** Occupation: Adventurer, Explorer, Member of Parliament and Soldier *** Date of Birth: Sir Humphrey Gilbert was born in 1539 *** Place of Birth: Sir Humphrey Gilbert was born in Devon, Cornwall, England *** Family background: His father was Otho Gilbert and his mother was Catherine Champernowne. His family decedents were impressive, his mother was the niece to the Queen Elizabeth’s governess, Kat Ashley. By his mother’s second marriage he would be half-brother to Carew and Walter Raleigh *** Early life and childhood: He grew up Devon but would mix with high born gentry *** Education: Sir Humphrey Gilbert was educated at Eton and the University of Oxford ***

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Fact 1: Sir Humphrey Gilbert was born during the 16th century a turbulent time when England and Spain dominate the world and new countries are being formed across the globe.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Fact 2: While attending school he was taught to speak French and Spanish as well as studying the art of war and navigational skills.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Fact 3: In 1563 he would be wounded while attending the siege of Newhaven in Havre-de-grace in Normandy.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Fact 4: Three years later Sir Humphrey Gilbert was in Ireland serving under the command of the Lord Deputy, Sidney. He would later return to England with communiqués for the Queen.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Fact 5: With the assassination of Shane O’Neill in Ireland he would be selected to become the governor of Ulster, serving as a member of the Irish parliament.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Fact 6: Sir Humphrey Gilbert was known to have said of the Irish “These people are headstrong and if they feel the curb loosed but on link they will with bit in the teeth in one month run further out of the career of good order than they will be brought back in three months.”

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Fact 7: After successive successful campaigns in Ireland, in 1569 after the surrender of the chief rebel, he was knighted by Sidney.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Fact 8: Sir Humphrey Gilbert made is return to England in 1570 whereupon he married Anne Aucher and together they had one daughter and six sons.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Fact 9: The following year he was elected to parliament as the member for Plymouth and the year after that for Queenborough.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Fact 10: His attentions turned to the Netherlands in 1572 although his time campaigning there would prove fruitless.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Fact 11: Over the next several years he devoted his time to writing and in 1573 would present to Her Majesty the suggestion of a London academy. This would eventually be taken up by Sir Thomas Gresham and the Gresham College would be established.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Fact 12: At this time Sir Humphrey Gilbert would also assist in the founding of the Society of the New Art together with Lord Burghley and the Earl of Leicester, Robert Dudley.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Fact 13: The next few years saw little in the form of advancement, to the contrary many of his ventures came to naught but cost him and his family fortunes dearly.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Fact 14: His thoughts constantly turning to the settling of the Americas he managed to gain enough funds to put forward an expedition of several vessels that set sail in 1583. The fleet would eventually reach Newfoundland.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Fact 15: Overcoming the obstacles of a blockade he made landfall and would claim Newfoundland for Queen and Country.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Fact 16: After several weeks with supplies dwindling the decision was made to return to England.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Fact 17: Sir Humphrey Gilbert decided upon a course change during the return voyage without consulting those officers of more experience and one of their vessels round aground and sunk with all by sixteen crew members.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Fact 18: Aboard his ship, Squirrel, the traveled towards England. At one point he suffered an injury to his foot and would periodically board the Golden Hind for treatment.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Fact 19: On various of these excursions to the Golden Hind he was admonished to stay aboard the larger vessel rather than return his own ship, but he refused.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Fact 20: On September 9th 1583 during a turbulent weather front the watch on the Golden Hind lost sight of the Squirrel at midnight, her lights extinguished, there were no survivors.

Influence & Legacy: Humphrey Gilbert came from an era, as well as a family, of men of great courage, fearlessness and adventure. What these men bought to the world is incomparable with anything else in their time.

Important Events of the era and during the life of Sir Humphrey Gilbert include: The Spanish Conquistadors arrive in New Mexico, Henry VIII King of England dies, Mary becomes Queen of England but within a few years she will die and so begins the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England.

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