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Facts about Socrates

Biography Summary: Socrates (470 BC – 399 BC) was famous for being a great philosopher and the founder of Western philosophy. Although he proclaimed himself not to be wise, in so doing was he wiser than he thought.

Most of what is known of Socrates, he thoughts feelings and beliefs is found from the writings of others and a picture created of the man. In particular his students Xenophon and Plato and amongst those whose writings have given the world a picture of Socrates and what he was like.

Plato would be the one to best describe Socrates and in particularly to his contribution in the area of ethics and this in turn leads to the concepts of Socratic irony as well as the Socratic method.

There are plenty who felt that after his sentencing he could have escaped his punishment but he was soundly of the mind that he had reached the end of his road and that it was his time to die.

Socrates Fact Sheet: Who was Socrates? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Socrates.

Socrates Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 470 BC – 399 BC *** Full Name: Socrates *** Occupation: Greek Classical Philosopher *** Date of Birth: Socrates was born in 470 BC *** Place of Birth: Socrates was born in Deme Alopeke, Athens, Greece *** Family background: His father was Sophroniscus who was a sculptor and stonemason and his mother was Phaenarete and a midwife *** Early life and childhood: He grew up *** Education: Socrates would have received what education was available to him through his parents ***

Socrates Fact 1: Socrates was born in 470 BC and during the 4th century BC period in history when Classical Greek civilization was at its height with the arts, literature and philosophy spreading far and wide throughout the eastern Mediterranean lands.

Socrates Fact 2: There are no records of Socrates’ early life other than his father taught him the trade of stonemasonry.

Socrates Fact 3: He married Xanthippe and together they had three children, three sons, Lamprocles, Sophroniscus and Menexenus.

Socrates Fact 4: By law as a young man of eighteen years he was required to serve in the military and would take park in the Peloponnesian war, this conflict would last almost thirty years.

Socrates Fact 5: He would also take part in the battles of Amphipolis, Delium and Potidaea.

Socrates Fact 6: During 406 BC he was to have taken part as a member of the Boule, a council of citizens who were chosen to deal with matters involving the city. On his chosen day the decision was what to do with the generals that had abandoned their men during the Battle of Arginusae. Capital punishment was to be their directive.

Socrates Fact 7: Socrates together with four others were summoned to the Tholos and instructed to travel to Salamis where they were to apprehend a man called Leon and return him for punishment. He was to be executed.

Socrates Fact 8: Socrates, instead of carrying out the instructions to given to him, simply returned to his home.

Socrates Fact 9: His home at this time was going through what could be described as a dramatic transition. From having been an hegemony in the classical world, after a humiliating defeat by the Spartans Athena entered a period of huge instability and great doubt as to their place in the world.

Socrates Fact 10: Many of the Athenians were great admirers of Socrates’ views but there were an equal number who became angry because they felt their way of life being threatened and destroyed with a future full of uncertainty.

Socrates Fact 11: There is also the crucial point that at this time in history, with the outcome of the Peloponnesian War and all the instability caused, that the simple Athenian was having grave doubts about the efficiency of democracy being an effectual enough form of government.

Socrates Fact 12: Although Socrates was totally loyal to his city, he was not however totally in favor of the Athenian society and politics.

Socrates Fact 13: One of the offences he would be charged with would be his position as a moral and social critic. Socrates questioned much including the current mentality that “might makes right”.

Socrates Fact 14: He would attempt to advance the Athenians sense of justice but his desire would ultimately backfire on him.

Socrates Fact 15: His whole dilemma began when Chaerephon, a friend of Socrates, asked the oracle of Delphi, if there were anyone wiser than Socrates. The oracle proclaimed that no one was wiser than Socrates.

Socrates Fact 16: This answer caused Socrates to believe that the Oracle’s response was a paradox because he, Socrates, believed he was not wise at all.

Socrates Fact 17: This set off a chain of events that had Socrates questioning all and anyone he felt was wiser than him because he believed he had no wisdom, but because he was the only person to know he was not wise, meant he could be conceived as wise and thus no one could be wiser than him.

Socrates Fact 18: During his trial as Socrates attempted to relay this to those of the court it began to become clear that he was making them feel inferior and so angered that they felt that way and so Socrates was found guilty of corruption of the minds of the young and also of impiety.

Socrates Fact 19: He was sentenced to death by poison.

Socrates Fact 20: It was felt that he had amble opportunity to escape, bribing a prison guard was not unheard of, but it was said that Socrates believed it was his time to die and wished it to be so

Socrates Fact 21: Socrates took his poison and died in 399 BC in Athens aged seventy one years.

Influence and Legacy of Socrates: Socrates would be proclaimed one of the greatest philosophers of our time and the founder of Western philosophy.

Facts about Socrates for Kids:
The above short facts detail interesting information about the life, milestones, history and key events that occurred during the life of this famous character, Socrates. A fast, simple way to present a short biography of Socrates with important dates and info that provides details such as the date of birth (birthday), place of birth, education, family, work and career.

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