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Whitey Bulger Biography Summary: Whitey Bulger (1926 - present) was famous for being an organized crime boss of the Boston Irish Mob that was known as the Winter Hill Gang.

One of America’s most notorious crime bosses, Whitey Bulger is currently serving two life sentences in Coleman II United States Penitentiary in Sumterville, Florida. Ironically his younger brothers chose careers on the opposite side of the law from their brother.

William became leader of the Democratic Party in Massachusetts and sustained a long political career as Senator and became President of the Massachusetts State Senate and his brother John was a court Clark magistrate although John was convicted of perjury on two counts with regard to his fugitive brother.

Bulger did maintain several long term relationships, including a twelve year long common law marriage with Lindsey Cyr with whom he had a son Douglas Glenn who died as a boy of six years of Reye’s syndrome.

Whitey Bulger Fact Sheet: Who was Whitey Bulger? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Whitey Bulger.

Whitey Bulger Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1926 - present *** Full Name: James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger, Jr. *** Nickname: Whitey *** Occupation: American Organized Crime Boss *** Date of Birth: Whitey Bulger was born on September 3rd 1929 *** Place of Birth: Whitey Bulger was born in Boston, Massachusetts, United States *** Family background: His father was James Joseph Bulger, Sr and his mother was Jane Veronica “Jean” McCarthy. His father was from Harbour Grace in Newfoundland and was the son of Irish immigrants and his mother similarly was a first generation Irish American *** Early life and childhood: He grew up with two brothers and three sisters *** Education: Whitey Bulger would have attended the local schools ***

Whitey Bulger Fact 1: Whitey Bulger was born on September 3rd 1929 and during the 20th century period in history when there were world changing events happening including the First World War, the Second World War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Cold War.

Whitey Bulger Fact 2: His father had worked as a longshoreman and union laborer before an industrial accident saw him lose his arm and the family became poverty stricken.

Whitey Bulger Fact 3: As a child he was drawn into street life and it was here he acquired the nickname “Whitey” given to him by the local constabulary for his white hair, he hated the name but it would stick.

Whitey Bulger Fact 4: As he grew up on the streets of Boston’s he became fiercely loyal to his city and gained a reputation for street fighting and thieving.

Whitey Bulger Fact 5: 1943 found him a member of the Shamrocks gang and arrested for larceny at fourteen years old. He would also be arrested for forgery, assault and armed robbery and would serve time in a juvenile reformatory.

Whitey Bulger Fact 6: In 1948 he joined the U.S. Air Force and would again find himself in trouble and in the stockade for committed several assaults and in 1950 he went absent without leave. He was given an honorable discharge in 1952.

Whitey Bulger Fact 7: Having committed an armed robbery together with a truck hijacking he was sentenced in 1956 to federal time in Atlanta Penitentiary.

Whitey Bulger Fact 8: While in prison he was recruited for drug trials that he would later describe as being “nightmarish”. The drug was LSD and he together with others, were told they were helping find a cure for schizophrenia.

Whitey Bulger Fact 9: When he was released he found work in construction and as a janitor before he became a bookmaker and loan-shark which bought him into contact with Donald Killeen. Killeen was the leader of the Irish mob in South Boston.

Whitey Bulger Fact 10: His first murder was one of deliberateness but he would subsequently find he killed the wrong person. He killed Donald McGonagle instead of Paulie McGonagle who happened to be twins.

Whitey Bulger Fact 11: The two prominent gangs in Boston at this time were the Mullen Gang and the Killeen Gang.

Whitey Bulger Fact 12: When Donald Killeen was murdered the leader of the Mullen Gang, Patrick Nee arranged a meeting with representatives of the two rival gangs and subsequently the decided to join forces and Howie Winter would be nominated as top boss.

Whitey Bulger Fact 13: Whitey’s methods were simple, he only preyed upon the criminal classes, never non-criminals. He was also of the attitude that if someone stepped out of line there was no point beating them up, killing was far more effective and timely leaving little recourse for second mistakes.

Whitey Bulger Fact 14: By 1971 Special Agent Dennis Condon of the FBI approached Whitey to recruit him as an informer in their bid to stamp out the Patriarca crime family, the Mafia crime family in Boston, but his first bid was unsuccessful.

Whitey Bulger Fact 15: However in time Special Agent John Connolly would develop a working relationship with Bulger, frequently boasting how he had recruited Whitey.

Whitey Bulger Fact 16: During an FBI investigation into Organized Crime and Racketeering it was admitted that Bulger was an FBI informant but that he was accused of heading a criminal organization at the same time as being an FBI informant and at that time a fugitive, he “forfeited any reasonable expectation” of his identity being protected any longer.

Whitey Bulger Fact 17: For his part in conspiring with Whitey, Connolly was convicted and jailed in 2002.

Whitey Bulger Fact 18: During the 1980’s Bulger would be at his peak, at this time his businesses included extortion, bookmaking, loan-sharking, arms trafficking, truck hijacking and drug trafficking.

Whitey Bulger Fact 19: Whitey was also a contributor and backer of the Provisional Irish Republican Army.

Whitey Bulger Fact 20: It would be in 1994 that Drug Enforcement Agency in conjunction with the Massachusetts State Police and the Boston Police Department jointly began an investigation into Bulger’s gambling operations. With the FBI’s compromised position in this matter they were not informed of the operation.

Whitey Bulger Fact 21: News of the investigation reached retired FBI Agent John Connolly who informed Whitey of impending arrests and he left Boston.

Whitey Bulger Fact 22: Whitey Bulger was on the run for sixteen years, traveling the world he was on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list. On June 22nd 2011 he was finally apprehended and arrested in Santa Monica, California.

Whitey Bulger Fact 23: He is currently serving his sentence of two terms of life imprisonment in the Coleman II United States Penitentiary in Sumterville, Florida

Influence and Legacy: His charges included thirty two counts of racketeering and firearms possession as well as nineteen counts of murder. He pled not guilty to forty eight charges in total including the murders, extortion, obstruction of justice, money laundering, perjury, weapons violations and narcotics distribution.

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