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William Taft Summary:
William Taft would become the 27th President of United States, not so much because it was a position he wanted, more because at the time he was the best qualified candidate at the time. His real dream was to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, which after his presidency he achieved, and which he found far more to his liking than being President had been.

Although not a bad President, he was not overly keen on the role the press played in the political arena, in his view he would rather get on with the job than publicize what he was doing. His other dream was to promote world peace, which was also something he achieved post presidency.

William Taft Fact Sheet: Who was William Taft? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of William Taft.

William Taft Fact File: Lifespan: 1857 – 1930 *** Full Name: William Howard Taft *** Occupation: 27th President of the United States *** Date of Birth: William Taft was born September 15th 1857 *** Place of Birth: William Taft was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA *** Family background: His father was Alphonso Taft and his mother Louisa Torrey. His father was a lawyer who moved to Cincinnati to open his own law firm. Later as a prominent Republican, he served as Attorney General and Secretary of War for President Ulysses S Grant *** Early life and childhood: He grew up in Cincinnati *** Education: William Taft attend Woodward High School after which a went to Yale College ***

William Taft Fact 1:  William Taft was born on September 15th 1857 and during the 19th century period in history when huge leaps were made in the science and technological advances.

William Taft Fact 2: He was the third generation of his family to attend Yale, both his grandfather and father before him had also graduated there.

William Taft Fact 3: In his class of one hundred and twenty one students, he graduated second in 1878, and went on to attend Cincinnati Law School where he graduated in 1880 with a Bachelor of Laws degree, and was admitted into the Ohio bar.

William Taft Fact 4: On his admission he was appointed as Assistant Prosecutor of Hamilton County in Ohio.

William Taft Fact 5: By 1882 he had been appointed as the local Collector of Internal Revenue and in 1887 he would be appointed as a judge to the Superior Court of Cincinnati.

William Taft Fact 6: President Benjamin Harrison selected him as Solicitor General of the United States in 1890. He was just thirty two years old and the youngest ever appointed to that position.

William Taft Fact 7: Next he served on the newly created United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit in 1891.

William Taft Fact 8: For several years he aspired to be on the Supreme Court panel, but as Governor General of the Philippine’s, when the post was finally offered to him, he felt he had to decline because he did not think the Philippine people were ready to govern themselves. This largely demonstrated what was at the core of William Taft, no matter what his personal goals, he always did what he felt was better for the greater good and not for his own self.

William Taft Fact 9: Between 1904 and 1908 he served as Secretary of War for President Roosevelt who said “If only there were three of you; I could appoint one of you to the Court, one to the War Department and one to the Philippines.”

William Taft Fact 10: In 1906 he initiated the Second Occupation of Cuba and appointed himself the Provisional Governor of Cuba as he established the Provisional Government of Cuba under terms of the Cuban-American Treaty of Relations of 1903.

William Taft Fact 11: Although he ran as a resultant presidential candidate, longing more for the Supreme Court than the White House, he nevertheless concluded that he, at that time, was the best man for the job, as Roosevelt had already declared he would not run again.

William Taft Fact 12: In 1909 he became the twenty seventh President of the United States.

William Taft Fact 13: When it was pointed out to him his lack of relations with the press, his reply that his main objective was to “try to accomplish just as much without any noise.”

William Taft Fact 14: He had great faith in the law, and chose to mark his presidency as one who felt the law should be used more widely in conjunction with leadership.

William Taft Fact 15: One of his biggest missions was the continuance towards world peace. He was a great believer in international arbitration between oppositional nations and was the surest way to avoid armed conflict.

William Taft Fact 16: William Taft was not always a ‘game player’ when it came to the political arena. During the 1912 presidential campaign, he would be completely outmanoeuvred by Roosevelt, who very much used the press in his favor, something Taft was often loath to do, and frequently didn’t.

William Taft Fact 17: Thus it transpired that the 1912 election was won by Woodrow Wilson as Roosevelt had managed to split the republican party in two between himself and Taft. Taft managed to maintain the party as whole after the election, which had been his ultimate goal.

William Taft Fact 18: Although the two men had fallen out over the presidency, they did however become friends once more before Roosevelt died in 1919.

William Taft Fact 19: Having lost his presidency in 1913 and having left the White House, Taft would be appointed as Chancellor Kent Professor of Law and Legal History at Yale Law School. He was also elected president of the American Bar Association.

William Taft Fact 20: Between 1921 and 1930 he would achieve his dream job. After the death of Chief Justice Edward Douglas White, he would find himself nominated to replace him, and will little to no opposition, the Senate approved 60-4.

William Taft Fact 21: Highly respected, he enjoyed his years as Chief Justice, a position he was far more suited to than that of President.

William Taft Fact 22: As a result of health issues he stepped down from the Supreme Court and retired. William Howard Taft, 27th President of United States died on March 8th of 1930 and he would be the first Chief Justice and President to be given the honour of burial at Arlington National Cemetery.

Influence & Legacy: With one of his biggest issues being peace in the world, when World War I broke out, he was the founder of the League to Enforce Pease and was also co-chairman of the National War Labour Board. Taft would also do his bit by supporting the war effort by becoming a member of the Connecticut Home Guard.

 Important Events of the era and during the life of William Taft include: The rise of the Empires of Britain, Russia, German and United States.

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